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#1: What's new? Part 1:
Vegetable & Mushroom Jerky!


New batch! New flavors! New additions to the mix! I used to have only eggplants and mushrooms, but I've added tomatoes and zucchini!

My dried tomatoes are so good, I offer the tomatoes on their own as well!

Five Flavors:

(1) Original jerky spice seasoning!

(2) Teriyaki!

(3) Barbeque!

4) Peanut Curry! (new)

5) Wasabi! (new)

See me this weekend for a free taste-test! I'd love your feedback!

Hey people! "Eat your veggies!"

[FYI, this jerky is for people! Not doggies... just to be clear, since, sorry doggies, there's a lot of spices like black pepper and soy sauce, intended for people.]

Why vegetable jerky? And why not beef jerky?

(1) "EAT YOUR VEGGIES": I've been on a mission to make healthy foods and have been interested in making an appetizing HEALTHY vegetable snack (not a fried, fiberless, nutrient-devoid potato chip) ever since college! In 1999, I made a nutrition bar using freeze dried vegetables, but I had limited knowledge at the time, and it tasted terrible!

(2) Beef jerky is too easy to overeat and gorge yourself. "Meat sweats": I especially feel meat-sweats when eating beef jerky, I believe meat sweats is due to the nitrates in the beef jerky, which causes blood vessels to dilate (that can't be good.) Nitrates give me insomnia, too. I find beef jerky to be not very filling. I can eat the entire bag in 5 minutes and still feel hungry, even after drinking water, whereas my vegetable jerky is very filling after just a couple pieces! I believe my jerky will help people lose weight!

(3) Mushrooms are a good source of protein, fiber, and veggies, which are high in antioxidants and fiber, and low in calories. There's innumerable research about the benefit of vegetables. Tomatoes are high in lycopene, eggplant is high in minerals and fiber, and eggplant may help reduce the risk of heart disease, and zucchini has vitamins, minerals, and even lutein and zeaxanthin which are important for eye-health.

(4) Sustainability: beef production is a nefarious emitter of CO2 and methane greenhouse gases.

(5) I focus on USA grown vegetables which mainly grow locally in the northeast.


#1, Part 2 of what's new:


I gave away a flag frame last time, and I'm giving away four more this coming weekend! Two have been reserved. You can proudly display your American Flag on the mantle!
No purchase necessary! Come down the farmers market to pick one up! First come, first serve!



#2. When to see moi next?

Answer: This weekend!
 Bring yourself and your pup down for free samples! Both locations are dog-friendly!

On Saturday at Public Lands/Dick's Sporting Goods, there are a variety of cool skis and snowboards. There are deals throughout the store, as well as clearance options all over the huge store! It's a fun place to roam and check out the newest gear, and get inspired to do activities outside! Or get some NFL merch before the big game!

Sunday, there's going to be a lot of vendors at the Huntington Indoor Market, so stock up on some locally made snacks for the Superbowl!



Day 1:


Day 2:


 This weekend!

Public Lands Melville Rt 110

Feb 10th, 2024, noon to 5pm




2 Melville Rd. N.
Huntington Station, NY. 11746

 Spirit of Huntington Art Center

Feb 11th, 2024
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM 






#3. Deals!

Farmers Market special: $1 off 2nd item and all additional items
10% off your first order on my website! Use coupon code "Grand opening"

Subscription direct to your door!

If you can’t come to my products, make my products come to you!

Subscribe and Save! 5% off and free shipping on qualifying orders!

Shameless plugs:

Fresh dried fruit is a weight loss cure!

(this statement that has not been substantiated by any scientific study... but no sugar added dried apples and pears can't be bad!)

No sugar added! Slow and low temperature dehydrated to preserve vitamins, antioxidants, and flavors!
(compare to other brands' apple chips which are high-temperature baked or fried in oil! Yuck!)

USA Grown fruit! Carefully dehydrated!

And the only spreadable black garlic!

1) Red Apples! (New York State grown!)

2) Red Apples with cinnamon-spice!
3) Green Apples!
4) Green Apples with cinnamon spice!
3) PEARS! (limited stock!)
4) BLACK GARLIC (the only spreadable, more versatile, black garlic!)

5) Vegetable Jerky! (FIVE TOTAL FLAVORS!)

6) Tomato Chews!


K9 BROS TREATS! All natural! Arrrf!

1) Chicken: Whole meat! (no beak nor feather by-products!)
2) Liver of Beef
3) Heart of Beef
4) Sweet Potato
5) Salmon (limited stock)




Hypothesis: I will see you this Saturday or Sunday! 😃

Null hypothesis: I will not see you this weekend 😭

Conclusion: Not sure! Let's see!

Secret website coupon! 10% off with coupon code "grand opening" and "black garlic"

20% off black garlic if you order a dozen units with coupon code "Dozen"


★  ★

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