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Black Garlic

Black Garlic

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Caramelized & fermented for over 6 weeks! Most brands are dried out, and other brands are heated for just 3 weeks. My longer heated-method creates a spreadable texture with much more flavor and likely more antioxidant development. (I plan to have mine tested.)

I use garlic not from China. (No offense, China.) My garlic is from Argentina, Peru, Spain, Turkey, Mexico, and the USA). Because garlic caramelizes at about 150F, it's a perfect product to make with with my dehydrator which operates well at this temperature. I built possibly the largest DIY dehydrators in the United States.

Black garlic shelf life: 3 months, or 1 year in refrigerator

Black garlic originated in Korea over a thousand years ago. Black garlic is regular garlic that has been heated at 150 Fahrenheit for over a 1 month!
When the garlic "caramelizes", the carbohydrates break down to sugars and proteins to amino acids and combine in the "maillard reaction." The maillard reaction is a common browning reaction in cooked food, although in the case of black garlic, the garlic is SUPER CARAMELIZED. It's also a SUPER-FOOD, owing to the ~444% increased concentration of an antioxidant unique to garlic: "Sulfur-Allyl Cysteine" (SAC).
SAC is like a sponge for free-radicals, deactivating the free radicals in your body before the free radicals can cause DNA damage. (Free radicals have an unpaired electron which naturally pulls apart the chemical-bonds of which your body is composed. If a free radical comes in contact with DNA in your cells, the DNA becomes damaged, which can lead to cancer. SAC is capable of neutralizing these free radicals by donating an electron.

Studies have shown black garlic health benefits include:
1. Anti-cancer (lung, stomach, colon, breast, uterine, leukemia... pretty much name a body part!)
2. Protection against heart disease
3. Liver and skin protection
4. Reduces allergies, inflammation, and blood clots
5. May help reduce cholesterol and even help trim body fat

I find red meat is inedible without black garlic by my fork's side. I enjoy black garlic everyday with my eggs. I just smear it on my toast. Masterful chefs have found a myriad of culinary ways to utilize black garlic to make outstanding dishes. Its nutritional properties have been studied, and the news has been very good. Black garlic is amazingly healthy! 

So, black garlic tastes amazing, and it's incredibly healthy! You see! Good tasting food can be good for you!


Additional nutritional links:

Wikipedia does a pretty good job.

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