Newsletter #18! "Distilled" Vinegar is Dilute Acetic Acid! 🍏👄🐶💕 Greetings from your local food scientist! 🍏👄🐶💕

Newsletter #18! "Distilled" Vinegar is Dilute Acetic Acid! 🍏👄🐶💕 Greetings from your local food scientist! 🍏👄🐶💕




Inside this newsletter:
1. What's New and some Food Science!
2. When to see me?
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Food Science for the inquisitive…
i. Distilled Vinegar is Dilute Acetic Acid?

To follow up on last week's newsletter on salt/brine, vinegar is a related topic. (Salt & Vinegar potato chips are my crack, and I must never be in the same room as an open bag of these chips, especially if beer is present.)

As you may know, the sourness of vinegar is from acetic acid. Acetic acid is a simple two carbon molecule shown below.

Artisan crafted balsamic vinegar's full process, such as aging in wood barrels, may be a closely guarded secret, however vinegar of all types utilizes the same scientific principles of DOUBLE FERMENTATION, which I think is so cool. And not just the type of double-fermentation used by some beers to create natural carbonation and higher alcohol beers (the yeast in naturally carbonated beer is given a shot of sugar after alcohol has been produced by the yeast and the first round of fermentable sugars have been used up.)

In the case of vinegar: the double fermentation is first a yeast fermentation of sugars into (#1) ethanol (aka ethyl alcohol) and (#2) CO2,

...but the 2nd fermentation creates acetic acid by Acetobacter, by the oxidation of the ethanol.

Acetobacter feed off of alcohol, hence why sometimes when "wine goes bad", you end up with vinegar (or a natural mix.) Store bought red wine vinegar is likely a blend of red wine and distilled vinegar (although that statement requires fact checking and there are likely many varieties and methods.)

Back to the chemistry, for a second: ethanol in wine has one oxygen: -OH.The molecule for ethanol is two carbons: CH3-CH2-OH.

The molecule for acetic acid is below. Acetic acid also has two carbons. An oxygen and double bond have been added (hence "oxidation.") Acetic acid is a "carboxylic acid", because it is an oxidized carbon: a -COOH written out. (unlike other acids such as Hydrochloric HCl.) All acids in water produce an excess of H+ ions.

Something else I love about food chemistry: pure 100% acetic acid is called "glacial acetic acid" because when slightly cool, it forms a creamy solid. (and it is insanely potent and unsafe, but that's chemistry!) Next time you buy salt-and-vinegar potato chips, just know, that's actually quite concentrated acetic acid and salt on those chips! And it will likely have a really long shelf life, being preserved by that acetic acid. And it goes great with a bitter-beer! (neutralizing together on your pallet! Aaaaah. Acids + base = neutral. The torturous joy of eating certain foods.)

Common Vinegar: 5% Acetic acid (weight / volume of water):

100% (Glacial) Acetic acid: that has melted into a liquid at room temperature:


1b. What's new?!?

By request: variety bag! Red apples, green apples, and pears! Three in one!


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2. When to see moi next?

Answer: This weekend!

Here's my full winter/indoors schedule:





This weekend!

Glen Cove Deep Roots:

St. Paul's Episcopal Church

Feb 25

10am to 2pm

WINTER / Indoors

Farmers Market

Flanigan Center 423 Park Ave

Feb 26

9am to 1pm

Then in two weeks:

Glen Cove Deep Roots:

St. Paul's Episcopal Church

Feb 11

WINTER / Indoors

Farmers Market

Flanagan Center

Feb 12

Then again, in two weeks

(my last market until June)

Glen Cove Deep Roots:

St. Paul's Episcopal Church

Mar 25

WINTER / Indoors

Farmers Market

Flanagan Center

Mar 26







More info & directions:

Glen Cove-Deep Roots Farmers Market Facebook Page

Huntington Farmers Market Directions





3. Deals!

Farmers Market special: $1 off 2nd item and all additional items
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Hypothesis: I will see you this Saturday or Sunday! 😃

Saturday: Deep Roots-Glen Cove Indoor Market at St. Paul's: 10am to 2pm

Sunday: Huntington Indoor Winter Market Flanagan Center  9am to 1pm

Null hypothesis: I will not see you this weekend 😭


Conclusion: Not sure! Let's see!

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