Collection: Dried Fruit

Good source of fiber and natural source of antioxidants! USA Grown! Slow dehydrated with skin-on to preserve antioxidants by David the Food Scientist. Many dried fruits such as apples in the store are grown in China and are rapidly baked or even fried in oil, which produces a low quality product lacking antioxidants and creates a pasty and "glassy" texture,  not to mention they add sugars, acidic chemical preservatives, salt, and so on. Gourmet Magic apples are 100% apples. The texture may be slightly crisp with a pleasant chewy finish, and bursting with naturally occurring flavor and sweetness. Wonderful healthy snack for children, or have with your coffee, tea, or simply when you’re on-the-go! After opening, shelf-stable up to 3 months. Store in a cool dry place.