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1. What's new?
2. When to see me? (hint: this weekend!)
3. Deals! (At the farmers' market, mention you received this newsletter for 10% off!)

For some FOOD SCIENCE factoids on the topic of SPACE FOOD, scroll to the bottom!

#1: What's new? 
New batch of dried pears!

And especially special for Passover, my one-and-only dehydrated Charoset!

Dried New York State apples:

Ashkenazic charoset: with layer of walnuts, raisins, cinnamon/spices, and grape-juice.

Sephardic charoset: with layer of almonds, apricots, dates, sunflower seeds, and grape-juice.

No sugar added! No sulfites nor preservatives!

 What is Charoset? (Not pronounced "ch" as in chess, but pronounced "ch" as in chutzpah" although some folks say charoses or haroset.)

The word is derived from the Hebrew word for clay ("cheres")

Charoset is a fruit and nut chopped mix, symbolizing the mortar and brick used in construction of structures during enslavement in Egypt, prior to being freed by the prophet, Moses.

Charoset is not cooked, typically, and it has to be refrigerated. However, I dehydrate the ingredients, so my charoset can be eaten anytime! (and on the go, kinda like matzah!)



#2. When to see moi next?

Answer: This weekend!
 Bring yourself and your pup down for free samples! Both locations are dog-friendly!

On Saturday at Public Lands/Dick's Sporting Goods

The Melville store is hosting a 2024 camping prep-course! There's free high quality coffee and samples of their instant-camping meals. I'm curious!

Sign up here for the free event!
(noon to 2pm is the event) Or just come by un-announced to see me!

And Sunday, there's going to be a lot of vendors at the Huntington Indoor Market! So many, that the even will be partially outdoors! Nice!



Day 1:


Day 2:


 This weekend!

Public Lands Melville Rt 110

April 20th, 2024, noon to 5pm

Sign up here for the free event!




2 Melville Rd. N.
Huntington Station, NY. 11746

 Spirit of Huntington Art Center

April 21st, 2024
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM 





No purchase necessary! Come down the farmers market to pick one up! First come, first serve! Thank you for your service!

Also, with purchase of my Bubble-Science toy, you'll receive a NEW Smurfs children's book or Little Mermaid coloring book!




3. Deals!

Farmers Market special: $1 off 2nd item and all additional items
10% off your first order on my website! Use coupon code "Grand opening"

Subscription direct to your door!

If you can’t come to my products, make my products come to you!

Subscribe and Save! 5% off and free shipping on qualifying orders!

Shameless plugs:

Fresh dried fruit is a weight loss cure!

(this statement that has not been substantiated by any scientific study... but no sugar added dried apples and pears can't be bad!)

No sugar added! Slow and low temperature dehydrated to preserve vitamins, antioxidants, and flavors!
(compare to other brands' apple chips which are high-temperature baked or fried in oil! Yuck!)

USA Grown fruit! Carefully dehydrated!

And the only spreadable black garlic!

1) Red Apples! (New York State grown!)

2) Red Apples with cinnamon-spice!
3) Green Apples!
4) Green Apples with cinnamon spice!
5) PEARS! (back in stock!)
6) BLACK GARLIC (the only spreadable, more versatile, black garlic!)

7) Vegetable Jerky!

8) Tomato Chews!

9) Charoset Apples!


K9 BROS TREATS! All natural! Arrrf!

1) Chicken: Whole meat! (no beak nor feather by-products!)
2) Liver of Beef
3) Heart of Beef
4) Sweet Potato
5) Salmon (limited stock; no salmon-oil right now, sorry)

BUBBLE SCIENCE! (free fun-book included!)



Hypothesis: I will see you this Saturday or Sunday! 😃

Null hypothesis: I will not see you this weekend 😭

Conclusion: Not sure! Let's see!

Secret website coupon! 10% off with coupon code "grand opening" and "black garlic"

20% off black garlic if you order a dozen units with coupon code "Dozen"


★  ★

☆  gourmet-magic ☆




Food science factoids new for this newsletter


I'm working on my HACCP plan for my products ("Hazardous Analysis Critical Control Points), which might not sound the most exciting, but if I call it "SPACE FOOD" it sounds way more interesting!


I will try to do a deeper dive in another newsletter, but in the meantime, the history of HACCP is quite amazing. HACCP originated in the space program in the early 1960s by Pillsbury in cooperation with NASA and the US Army Natick Laboratory. (nothing to do with current space race with the CCP: Chinese Communist Party :-)


What originated as a means to solve a problem for keeping astronauts from getting food poisoning, turned into a methodology/practice in food manufacturing quality assurance/control to keep all Americans from getting food poisoning! (Yet another example of the benefits of investing in NASA.)


Stay tuned for a follow up on HACCP!


Some kitschy logos I made for a DIY retail display... which intentionally looks like a rocket, as well as my new factory showroom DIY signage:

This "DIY" seems to be a theme...





Long Island non-profit outdoor groups, courtesy of Public Lands

(1) Casting for Recovery: outdoor retreats for breast cancer survivors
National office: 888-553-3500
Local representative: Christina Galicia

(2) Long Island Fly Rodders
Ed Kohler

    (3) C.L.I.M.B.

    Concerned Long Island Mountain Bicyclists


    (4) Long Island Greenbelt Trail Conference

    Dotty Manfredonia-Kochker




    "Greatest Hits" of Dave's Focus on Food Science:

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    2. Garlic Health Benefits
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    7. I created a FUN FOOD SCIENCE 101 POSTER
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    12. Salt Preservation
    13. The Saponification Reaction
    14. Food Chemistry BOND ENTHALPY
    16. Halloween themed "food chemical SCARIES"
    17. Hydrocolloids (Gels)

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