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Sweet Potato Chews

Sweet Potato Chews

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Your dog will love my delicious sweet potato chews! Starting with premium North Carolina sweet potatoes, they are washed, sliced with skin on, boiled, and carefully dried without any need for preservatives. Naturally high in Beta-carotene, and also seasoned with parsley which adds vitamin C and freshens your dog's breath! These chewy sweet potatoes won't splinter like bones or other dog chews! Five fantastic ounces!

FAQ: Can dogs eat sweet potato skins?

Answer: Like all nutritional advice, it depends. My sweet potato chews are intended more for bigger dogs that are 35# or more. Smaller dogs might have more trouble with digestion. The skin of the sweet potato and flesh under the skin are the highest concentration of antioxidants in the vegetable, so the skin-area is the most nutritious part, having about 10 times the antioxidants.

During boiling, the skin is softened and becomes pliable and is more easily digested. After done drying, the skin is chewy, it supports dogs' natural desire for teething. The fiber in the skin promotes healthy stools, and helps maintain healthy calorie consumption. Like all new foods, at first, add small quantities to your dog's diet to see if the stool and digestion is going well.

Here are some references on eating sweet potato skin:


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