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Bubble Science

Bubble Science Refill

Bubble Science Refill

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6.5 ounces of super-concentrated soapy refill!


Make BETTER BUBBLES that you never thought possible! I, the self-important Food Scientist-David, in my tinkering, invented this incredible device that produces the most beautiful bubbles! I am so excited to offer this bubble-wand for children and adults who simply want to marvel at one of the universe's mystifying shapes: the sphere! This bubble wand takes the sphere to a whole new level, forming a compound of many spheres!

Blow slowly to create bigger spheres. Blow quickly to create a long-foam which wafts and falls to the ground, or catch the tower of bubbles and have them sit on the top of a cup like an ice cream float (although not edible, unfortunately, unless you like to eat soap.)

Generally a second exhale (from a single dip) can be whipped and flung up into the air. These more symmetrical, spherical foams, with lots air, can catch thermal uplifts and rise 50 feet or more, especially in the sunlight (with some help from thermal uplifts if the ground is hot), the air in the bubble slightly expands and the internal air-density can be lower than the external air-density, so the bubble will rise! Water on the bubble surface and inner water vapor are good absorbers of heat from the sun. Witness science and the iridescent beauty from Bubble Science!

Includes special super-soapy solution and Master's Degree in Bubble Science!

Designed, invented, patent pending by David Feuerman, Bubble Maker / Gourmet Magic LLC 

Background of my invention:

After selling my black garlic at the Great Neck Farmer's Market and Glen Cove Deep Roots Market, and selling my human grade dog treats, "K9 Bros", I wanted to offer something for kids, who seemed to be a little less entertained by the market offerings. After some brainstorming, I starting tinkering with different bubble designs, and remembered I had designed a wand to help inflate edible bubbles. My recipe for the edible bubbles wasn't working so well (it was too slippery and only inflated a bit), but my wand worked really well for making beautiful, compound-bubbles even with regular soapy solution containing dish-soap. I 3D-printed more (and more, and more, and more) and designed these fun labels, and at the markets, kids were so incredibly happy to have something that they could enjoy, which made me feel awesome!

I continue to work on perfecting the mass-production of my bubble wand, "Bubble Science", and hope to offer the wand to children across our big bubble we call Earth :)

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