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Newsletter #9! Maillard Reaction! (part 2)

Newsletter #9! Maillard Reaction! (part 2)




Inside this newsletter:
1. What’s new?!?!
2. When to see me?
3. Deals!

1. What's New?!?
i. Food chemistry: the maillard reaction part 2!

Food Science for the curious cookers…

A follow-up to my last newsletter about the maillard reaction of black garlic, I'd like to briefly prove the maillard reaction (the browning reaction) needs to release a water molecule... have you ever tried browning food by boiling it? It won't brown! It'll never brown so long as your food is submerged because the maillard reaction needs to release a water molecule, and the chemical reaction can't push-forward! It's hot enough (maybe just 212F but still hot enough)... but the maillard reaction is inhibited.
Hence also why to get a nice browning of meat or vegetables, you need a dry pan (but well oiled.) Don't add that cooking wine (which contains water) until after you've achieved a nice browning. Chefs may boil thicker ingredients first (or sous vide), then finish on a pan to achieve a nice maillard-browned exterior.
Here's an educational food science Youtube video summary of the maillard reaction.

Hopefully see you this weekend!

ii. New batch

& amazingly delicious


Farmers Market special: 2nd bulb, $1 off!

iii. Nectarines!

My first time drying Nectarines. I might like them more than peaches!

Farmers Market special: 2nd bag, $1 off!

I describe these nectarines as "sweet, flavorful, fresh with apricot-notes, super-thin" and likely very few calories per serving / harder to over-eat due to the thinness of the slice; They're so thin and have a fruit-leather-like texture, they take longer to eat and thus fewer calories per serving (in theory.)


iv. New-fresh batch of Red Apples, Green Apples, and Bartlett Pears, all USA grown!


2. When to see moi next?

Answer: This weekend! Here's the full schedule:





This weekend!

Glen Cove
Garvies Point

Oct 15th

Farmers Market

Oct 16th

+ 2 weeks

Glen Cove
Garvies Point

Oct 29th

Farmers Market

Oct 30th

+ 2 weeks Nov 12th TBD

Farmers Market

Nov 13th


More info & directions:

Glen Cove-Deep Roots Farmers Market

Huntington Farmers Market

3. Deals!

1. Farmers Market specials: K9 Bros additional bags $1 off!
2. Farmers Market special: Black Garlic additional bulbs $1 off!
3. 10% off your first order on my website! Use coupon code "Grandopening"

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If you can’t come to my products, make my products come to you!

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Shameless plugs

Fresh dried fruit is a weight loss cure!

(this statement that has not been substantiated by any scientific study... but no sugar added dried apples and pears can't be bad!)

No sugar added! USA grown! New York State Red Apples! Slow and low dehydrated to preserve vitamins, antioxidants, and flavors!
(compare to other brands apple chips which are high-temperature baked)

1) Red Apples!

2) Green Apples!

3) Pears!

4) Nectarines!

5) Hmmm... what's next?



Order more wands or get a refill! Get your fill of bubbles this summer!



Hypothesis: I will see you this weekend! 😃 (at Garvies Point or Huntington!) 
Null hypothesis: I will not see you this weekend 😭

Conclusion: Not sure! Let's see!


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